The allure of blogging


I pondered long and hard about what my first post could be – should I write about who I am, should I write about what I do or should I do a random take on ‘writing’? The day passed by busily, and the question lingered in one corner of my mind, poking at me every now and then. Evening fell, and I was still undecided. So many ideas, so hard to pick just one. Maybe a blog was not for me at all – I am a person with too many concurrent thoughts, with too many irons in the fire, and little time to mull over things like choosing a subject for a blog post. But then, I am also not one who gives up easily and annoyed as I was with having decided to write a blog, I could not walk away from it now. And then, VOILA! There it was, I knew what I could write about … about what had made me want to blog in the first place. All was good for a few moments until the clock chimed. I realized that it was already 6PM – I had chores to complete, errands to run and my planned first post, which would now be relegated to the second post, had to wait.

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