The one that should have been the first


Before I get into what led me to blogging, I need to share a bit of relevant background. Which is, as you might have guessed already, I am an author hoping to get my first novel published. And what a remarkable journey it has been trying to find my way through the mazes of the publishing world. I am sure, being the eternal optimist that I am, someday I will have completed the entire odyssey and see my book on the shelf of a bookstore. If I am fortunate, I will probably experience even more. That will surely be a joyous day, but as happy as I feel just dreaming about it, I worry that I will forget many fascinating facets of this journey with the happiness of having reached my destination. Hence, to celebrate my yet unrealized dreams, I will keep track of my trials and tribulations here. Maybe, just like we share our thoughts in our critique group and each in the group learns and finds comfort from the others’ experiences, someone reading my posts will find solace in realizing that they are not alone. Someday, however long it might take us to get there, we will all reach the field of our dreams.

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